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E-mail du 22 janvier 2007 en provenance d'Italie...

Hello Gerard,

Here you have some shots of my last project. Hütter H-17, scale 1/2. Structure as the original one.


Massimo pour les GPR n'est pas un inconnu : C'est lui qui réalisa la superbe maquette du Diana. Il connaît donc les plus hautes exigences du métier de maquettiste ! GR


Planeur conçu par les frères Ullrich et Wolgang Hutter

Massimo travaille d'après une liasse de plans constructeur : Le planeur est réalisé à l'échelle 1/2. Pour agrandir les plans, click sur l'image.



 Gros plan sur ce que l'on peut appeler du - beau travail - de menuiserie aéronautique. Ici le guignol de la profondeur du Hutter actionné par deux câbles. En ce moment Massimo réalise toutes les poulies, renvois etc. selon les plans de la liasse...

Chantier à suivre ...   Grazie Massimo !


E-mail de Massimo du 7 mars 2008 en provenance d'Italie.



Hello Gérard,

I’m here. Everything is OK and I enjoy modelling… Last Sunday I spent 3 hours of flying and aerobatics with my Stingray near Verona in 40 Km/h warm SW wind (20° at 700 asl Incredible in this period!!!). Great day.  

The work on the Huetter is in progress, more or less, every day. But, as I said to you in the past I don’t take photos of it and I’m working slowly not in an hurry… I’m not satisfied with shots quality. Here you have some of them. Only details of metal parts, no complete images of the whole glider. In these days I’m working on the control lines (elevator and rudder) in the fuselage. Wing spar is finished and glued to the first main rib. This structure can be joined to the fuselage in the correct way using plates and pins as per the original one. Here you have some pictures, taken weeks ago, and descriptions:

Now, the working cloche strut is installed on the model and elevator command is live. The operating servo is in the middle… I’m completing the rudder one. I hope for some better pictures soon.  



0176 elevator, rudder and ailerons pulleys with related fixing pieces

0202 spars with ailerons commands and fuselage join plates.

0119 more or less all the iron before soldering process.

0126 this rudder pulley will be placed in the nose of the fuselage near pedals

0128 aileron command pulleys

0130 plates and pins to join wings and fuselage


Le Hutter  H-17 ( 1934) aux USA photographié par Peter Shawhan

The H 17 was designed by the Hutter brothers in Salzburg, Austria. The 17 indicated the glide ratio. They sold plan sets until they joined Schempp-Hirth, which then built about five as the Goppingen 5 with the addition of a windshield and main wheel. Many were built from plans worldwide and several are still flying. A post-war version was developed and marketed as the H 17 B with enclosed cockpit, lengthened fuselage and airbrakes. The H 17B has slightly increased span and empty and loaded weights increased about 50%. One H 17 belongs to the National Soaring Museum. The Vintage Sailplane Association has plans.  Extrait du site : http://www.sailplanedirectory.com/PlaneDetails.cfm?planeID=124